Erica & Ravis // Love. Pure & Simple.


It's a short philosophy that guides all we do. Because photography should be a sweet piece of cake.

There are many different styles and approaches when it comes to photographing weddings. Ours is simple: We don’t mess with the love.

By that, we mean that we see ourselves as documentarians. You’ll see a lack of over-posing, propping and dictating. We practice falling into the background, metaphorically speaking. Our goal is to capture the genuine smirks and the authentic embraces; the honest to goodness candid chance happenings of your wedding day as they unfold naturally.

An important distinction between us and others is that although we understand that there may be some moments that need our intervention and guidance, (ie; family and bridal party group photos, a portrait of the two of you, etc.) our main focus is not fretting over photographic schedules and organized shoots, but on simply journaling the sincere, unplanned, unscheduled moments of you, your family, and friends laughing, hugging, dancing, and just experiencing this immensely joyful event!

We feel that wedding photos shouldn't feel orchestrated and planned. They should be natural and true to the personality of the couple. We embrace the imperfect and unexpected. And find a wedding day’s purest moments are not the happenings guests come to expect (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.), but rather the seconds that pass in between. Scroll our galleries and journal and you'll see lots of images of folks being themselves, simple portraits and photojournalist images that evoke a feeling or even finding something missed at first glance.

We believe that when you think back to your wedding day, that you shouldn't even really remember us being there, but that you do have beautiful photographs to tell your story and share with generations to come.

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